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Addicted To Games is looking for new members!

POSTED BY Jean-Pierre 30. April 2020

Addicted To Games is a newly founded organisation with the primary focus on the new FPS-Shooter “Valorant”, which is currently in closed beta and developed by Riot Games. In this post you will find additional informations about us, where you can apply to join our team and our goals.

Why should I join Addicted To Games?

You should join our team because we are very ambitious and want to advance as a team. Of course this includes fixed training times, analysis of the games and much more. Real life comes first and we understand if you are working full-time or want to do something with your family.

In addition, we would like to participate in various leagues and tournaments with our teams. Therefore we will organize internal and external scrims to develop different strategies for the maps.

What are our Goals?

  • To develop as a team
  • To have fun playing the game, but still take it seriously
  • Participate in different tournaments/leagues
  • Internal and external scrims

Any requirements to join the team?

Yes, we have some requirements which you must fulfil to join one of our teams. But don’t worry, we aren’t

  • minimum age of 16+
  • experience in FPS-Games
  • be able to accept criticism
  • You have discord with a working, noise-free microphone
  • You are interested in eSport and want to achieve high performance
  • ambitious & disciplined behaviour
  • the motivation to develop with your team

Where can I apply to join the team?

If you are interested to join one of our teams, dont be afraid and just fill out our form. We would love to hear from you! Usually we answer in a few days.

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