Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance Update! #Shorts

A ton of new things coming to Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance from an Apex Legends New Legend of Mad Maggie, Apex Legends Map updates, weapon adjustments, legends a new Apex Legends mode and much much more! Let me know what you think of Season 12 so far! #Shorts

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27 thoughts on “Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance Update! #Shorts

  1. What am I looking forward to the most you ask
    Where to start….no fkn iguanas chasing me around trying to kill me while fighting a team, no map called storm point, no iguanas, uhhh no jurassic park….and last but not least NO FKN IGUANAS TRYING TO KILL ME!!!!

  2. Spitfire and alternator are back on the floor in season 12. The Lstar is also getting a new hop-up for explosive rounds, shotguns are getting magazines now.

  3. Aw man, i really hoped for a new gun this season. BUT as you said it's not coming at launch of the season so I'm hoping that we're gonna get one.

  4. Hey Tim a while back I asked you what legend I should get and you recommended I take Valkyrie, I got 2000+ kills on her now and I'm 2 games away from masters, I just wanted to say thank you for all the help

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