NEWCASTLE shield can HIT THROUGH WALLS?? | Apex Legends

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38 thoughts on “NEWCASTLE shield can HIT THROUGH WALLS?? | Apex Legends

  1. When me and my friend play he uses new castle and I use Maggie when ever we rush I throw my ult and right before I make contact with enemy's he uses his ult and we destroy them(most the time ☺️)

  2. Dude, awesome video as always and the effort you put into the tts is obvious. You usually post around the time I get off of work, and that's always nice too.

  3. It feels good to see myself in chat, in these videos.

    You all should follow his twitch, he is quite unlike most streamers. In chat, we actually conversate with eachother, instead of spamming with capslock… except we did spam for a while, for him to do a finisher on a Bangalore as NewCastle… but let's overlook that part.

  4. if you stand in the center of the shield like where the drone floats in place, once u ping a location it turns the shield towards that direction

  5. So with how new castle’s revive works I think a rework for lifeline could be possible. So Doc’s shield uses her knock down and if you’re reviving both teammates at once it could split the damage between the two shields. Like if you had a purple knock down it would split into two blue knockdowns 🤷‍♂️

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