The Seer Problem… – Apex Legends Season 13

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40 thoughts on “The Seer Problem… – Apex Legends Season 13

  1. I partially disagree with what you said at the beginning, I wouldn't say "he's actually really hard if you're the last one alive" he's easier than a lifeline, or even a revenant in that same situation. Your ADS ability makes all the difference when gathering information on an opponent around a corner or through a door. You can see every move..

  2. Rev and fuse have been my mains for a while now, until this season when I finally played Seer…..and wow was his toolkit outfitted for me! I absolutely love the abilities and how much info he can bring to the fight.

  3. Very true on that intro. Seer kind of lacks when it comes to clutch abilities and mobility.

    You can dissuade less confident players with his abilities but against people who know what they’re doing, it’ll come down to mostly gun skill.

    I still like Seer a lot though

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